Electric Furnace Repair & Installation

We offer expert electric furnace services, including repairs, installations, and replacements to St. Louis. Our heating contractors are highly trained to provide the quality services and customer support that St. Louis deserves. Ricotta Heating and Air knows the requirements for furnace systems and conducts our electric furnace services to meet the codes and specifications of systems in St. Louis. Our electric furnace services are full service and include a free estimate before we begin work on your home’s furnace.

Outstanding Electric Furnace Repair in St. Louis

Our electric furnace repairs are performed with your needs in mind. We hear your concerns and customize our electric furnace repairs to meet your unique needs. We’ll quickly diagnose any problems you’re having and then consult with you about the best way to proceed. If it looks like replacement will be more cost-efficient than repairs, we will explain your options and work with you to decide the best path forward. Our trusted St. Louis heating contractors offer wonderful customer support, so you’ll never have to deal with frustrating employees in your home.

Thorough St. Louis Electric Furnace Installation

Whether you’re constructing a new residential space, or your old unit is broken beyond repair or outdated, our electric furnace installation services are here to assist St. Louis. Ricotta Heating and Air’s services are brought to you by technicians that know the codes and specifications for electric furnace installations in St. Louis, so you can trust us to meet your home’s requirements. When performing a replacement, we dispose of your old furnace for you and register your new product’s warranty.

Highly Trained, Trusted Heating Contractors in St. Louis

Our heating contractors are trained to provide trusted services to the St. Louis area. They are highly knowledgeable about the requirements of electric furnace systems. So, if you’re not sure about the best path forward, our heating contractors can offer advice and recommendations. They stay up to date on the most recent practices and equipment, so they are prepared to offer modernized electric furnace installations and repairs to the St. Louis area. They are also trained to provide outstanding customer support and can offer free estimates before beginning work.